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Chapter 57 Why Isn’t He Here to Protect You?

  • There were a lot of socialites surrounding Xia Erxiang; they were all flattering yet envious of her at the same time as Xia Erxiang’s pretty little face gleamed with joy.
  • At this moment, Xia Erxiang caught sight of Xia Micheng and paced toward her briskly. “Micheng, you’ve arrived! I was beginning to worry that you wouldn’t come and witness my moment of blissfulness.”
  • The socialites walked toward them too.
  • “Erxiang, you’re too kind-hearted. Xia Micheng used to be Young Master Su’s fiancée. Are you not afraid that she’ll sabotage your party because of her jealousy?”
  • “Xia Micheng is already married to the ghost husband of Orchid Garden; I wonder how he torments her. Perhaps one day he’ll just close his eyes and turn her into a widow. It’s true that daughters from the same family will have different fates—the country bumpkin can never compare to the real-born daughter of a rich family; our Erxiang is now Young Mistress Su.”
  • “Indeed, the Young Master has good taste and dumped the bumpkin a long time ago; Young Master Su and our Erxiang are perfect for each other.”
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