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Chapter 555 You Have to Ask Your Fiancé About It

  • With Li Yuntong as their leader, people from University T were arrogant. They all knew that Lu Yuzhen and Li Yuntong were going to marry soon. Lu Yuzhen even sent Li Yuntong to school not long ago. They were confident with Li Yuntong’s presence.
  • Fan Qi and Wang Cong were furious, however, they knew that the president of Lu Group, Lu Yuzhen was a mysterious and powerful man. There was no way they could reach him easily.
  • “Micheng, ignore them. We know you’ve done your best. Even if we can’t get the footage, we can always look for another solution.”
  • “That’s right, Micheng. We’ll call the police now to get the culprit.”
  • Xia Micheng’s clear gaze fell upon Li Yuntong’s beautiful face. She then raised an eyebrow and showed her something. “Who said I didn’t get the footage? Look.” There was a USB flash drive in her hand.
  • The expressions on Zhao Wei and the others drastically changed upon seeing that.
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