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Chapter 532 Xia Micheng Is Going to Lu Yuzhen’s Room

  • “Mrs. Wu, you’re a sweet talker as usual.” Xia Micheng wiped the tears off Mrs. Wu’s face and looked at Madam Lu. She then curled her red lips and said in a soft yet slightly choking voice, “Grandma, it’s me.”
  • Madam Lu smacked her thigh vigorously as she still couldn’t believe that Xia Micheng was alive. Like a kid, she was crying one moment and laughing the next. “Micheng… You’re really my Micheng! Tell me… How did you manage to survive? It must have been an ordeal for you… Are you really okay? Are there any wounds on your body?” Madam Lu took a careful look at Xia Micheng.
  • “Grandma.” Xia Micheng reached out and hugged Madam Lu. Patting her back, she consoled, “Grandma, you don’t have to feel sorry, and please don’t blame yourself. It’s a decision I made. I love Mr. Lu, and I was willing to die for love. Now, because of love, I’m alive. More importantly, I’m back. After spending three months recuperating, there is not a single trace of poison left in my body. Look at me… I feel much better than I used to be. After going through the ordeal, I’m reborn. Grandma, I hope that all of us, including myself, Mr. Lu and you, are always safe and sound.”
  • Drenched in tears, Madam Lu hugged Xia Micheng and nodded vigorously. “Yes, Micheng. All of us will be doing great.”
  • Mrs. Wu wiped her tears of joy, for she knew that Madam Lu would recover as soon as Xia Micheng was back. Xia Micheng was resourceful, and only she could save Madam Lu.
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