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Chapter 489 Lu Yuzhen’s Small Pet

  • Lu Yuzhen was here.
  • On this day, Lu Yuzhen wore a tailored black suit. Not only did he look taller and more attractive in his straightened, expensive clothing, but his handsome, exquisite face was also being fully displayed because he had pushed back his hair. In addition to the luxurious watch on his wrist, he looked every inch a successful, elegant upper class that had attracted everyone’s gazes.
  • He was now walking steadily toward the crowd and his perfectly tailored pants had made even his strides to seem captivating. Everyone was in awe upon seeing Lu Yuzhen after three months. His maturity gave people a cool, reserved impression which made the young ladies around him blush.
  • Li Yuntong was the most excited as she had been anticipating Lu Yuzhen’s arrival for a long time. Hence, she walked up to him at once. “Yuzhen, you’re finally here.”
  • Lu Yuzhen stopped and landed his deep gaze on Li Yuntong’s beautiful face, then he said in a deep magnetic voice, “I’ve promised you that I’ll come. Yuntong, happy birthday.”
  • “Yuzhen, thank you. Your appearance by itself is the best gift today!” Li Yuntong looked at him in admiration.
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