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Chapter 488 I Am Not Marrying the Xia Family’s Ugly Duckling

  • “Young Master Sun, have you met your fiancée yet? What does the Xia Family’s youngest daughter look like? Is she as sturdy as her family members? Or is she as ugly as an ape? Hahaha.”
  • Everyone was teasing Sun Jin and bellowing in laughter.
  • Sun Jin wished to curse whenever this topic was brought up. It was widely known that the Sun and Xia families had an engagement and the Xia Family’s youngest daughter was his fiancée.
  • In Beijing, not only there were the four great families—namely the Li, Lu, Xu, and Ye families—but there were also the three invincible families. Although the Xia Family was not included in the four great families, it was one of the three invincible families.
  • The Xia Family built its fame in the underworld. Among the thirty-six gangs in the underworld, the Xia Family controlled every port and had been the leader for a long time. They were a family so fear-inspiring that mentions of them would send shivers down one’s spine. Moreover, all members of the Xia Family were good at martial arts and were formidable opponents. In addition to the current Xia Family patriarch’s bad temperament and selfishness, nobody dared to marry his daughter.
  • The engagement between the Sun and Xia families was decided by Master Sun because the former Xia Family patriarch had been his benefactor.
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