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Chapter 47 I’ll Feed You

  • Before Xia Micheng could even move, Lu Yuzhen threw all the cards in his hand onto the table.
  • He appeared casual while doing so, but his cards dropped onto the table with a snap. Feeling frightened, the greasy boss trembled and his wandering hand paused.
  • Although Lu Yuzhen looked cold and distant the entire time without speaking much, everyone observed his expression cautiously while worshipping him at the same time.
  • As he threw his cards, the initially boisterous luxurious private booth fell silent at once.
  • The greasy boss looked at Lu Yuzhen with a groveling expression. “Director Lu…”
  • Lu Yuzhen stubbed his cigarette in the ashtray and gave the ladies beside him a cold look. “Move to the side and play by yourselves.”
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