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Chapter 462 Let’s Go on a Honeymoon!

  • Lu Yuzhen put his arms around Xia Micheng and held her in his embrace, his face buried in her long hair. At that moment, he felt a pain in his neck as she opened her mouth and bit him. He was in pain, and he felt weak. That one bite had made his whole body numb. He moved his thin lips and whispered, “Micheng.”
  • Suddenly, his eyes shot open. He had woken up. Where was he?
  • Lu Yuzhen sat up and checked out his surroundings. It seemed like a small village in another world. It was away from the hustle and bustle of the city and had a sense of tranquility—the sounds of birds singing happily, the radiant morning sun shining through the window, and the wonderful warm air.
  • Was he in a dream? Did he dream of heaven?
  • He got out of bed. There was a pair of dark blue slippers next to the bed which he put on; they fit perfectly. Then, he opened the door and walked out.
  • Outside, a big vegetable garden had different kinds of green vegetables and fresh fruits in it. The top of a white wall had been covered by leaves that were growing relentlessly. There was also a garden with an array of fresh flowers that was so beautiful it seemed surreal. Where was this place?
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