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Chapter 437 Xia Keke, You’ve Lost to Yourself

  • What did that mean? Xia Keke couldn’t understand it one bit. Did Xia Micheng lie to her?
  • There was no surveillance footage, and Li Qianhui didn’t betray her. There was no evidence at all, except that she was fooled and confessed everything.
  • Just then, the door of the mansion was kicked open as all the policemen stormed in. Amidst the chaos, Xia Micheng stared at Xia Keke with her crystal clear gaze and said, “Li Qianhui is a good mom. When she was arrested, she said that it was all her doing, and it had nothing to do with you. She took all the blame just to save you.”
  • Xia Keke trembled as she was engulfed in fury. “Xia Micheng, you b*stard. I’m going to kill you!” With that, she pounced on Xia Micheng. However, she was soon stopped by the police, who then pressed her against the floor. She was struggling when her hands were cuffed. Staring fixedly at Xia Micheng, her gaze was crazy and furious. If gaze could kill, Xia Micheng would have been murdered countless times.
  • “Keke!” Xia Chunyang rushed over. He stood beside Xia Micheng and looked at Xia Keke in disbelief. It never occurred to him that his beloved daughter, whom he had spent millions to cultivate her to become the best heiress in Haicheng City, was a psychologically distorted murderer. Not to mention that she was very young at that. Xia Chunyang shuddered at that thought.
  • Xia Micheng stood there with a straight back. Her crystal clear gaze was as determined, composed, and brave as when she first returned to Haicheng City. The only difference was that her gaze was now tinged with a sense of melancholy. She looked condescendingly at Xia Keke and said, “Xia Keke, I know you too well. You love no one except for yourself. You were flustered when you learned that Li Qianhui had been arrested. You thought that she would point you out, but you forgot the fact that she was your mom. Have you ever loved your mom? No. You just want to climb the social ladder. You’re vain and you want to be part of the elite. Xia Chunyang and Li Qianhui are worthless now because they can’t be of any help to you. You despise them, and you loathe your own roots. Xia Keke, you’ve lost to yourself!”
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