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Chapter 309 You Sure You Don’t Want to Join?

  • At that moment, Xia Micheng noticed that the assistant beside was making an ‘okay’ gesture at them in secret. Ye Yuan’s clothes sold out completely within a split second.
  • The clothes sold out completely! Xia Micheng asked the assistant in disbelief, “All the clothes were sold out?”
  • It was the first time for the assistant in the livestream studio to witness Ye Yuan’s extraordinary ability in promoting products as well. She nodded. “Yes, all the clothes were sold out within three seconds. The purchase link was closed now.”
  • Oh my god! This is really amazing! Xia Micheng stared at Ye Yuan in admiration.
  • The live chat on their channel continued to be flooded with comments.
  • ‘Ah! I didn’t manage to get it!’
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