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Chapter 283 That’s Enough! You’re Going to Hurt Her!

  • Lu Yuzhen stopped in his tracks as he gave Lu Xinang a cold stare. “Let go!”
  • Lu Xinang did not let go. Instead, he replied in a hostile manner, “You are the one who should be letting go! If I let you bring her home, can you control yourself to not hurt her again?”
  • After all, Lu Xinang knew Lu Yuzhen well; he had seen the latter’s worst and scariest side. Moreover, he was a doctor, and he could naturally figure out that there would soon be an outburst of his sickness.
  • Lu Yuzhen’s handsome face turned sullen at once. Then, he balled his fists and forcefully yanked at Xia Micheng.
  • Xia Micheng was already feeling uncomfortable before the two men pulled her. Now, even her face had turned as pale as a sheet. Xia Micheng immediately moaned in pain when Lu Yuzhen gave her a jerk.
  • Lu Xinang warned in a deep voice, “Lu Yuzhen, that’s enough. You’re hurting her!”
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