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Chapter 254 I Won’t Be Able to Conceive Anymore for the Rest of My Life

  • Lu Feifei raised her head from Madam Lu’s shoulder. “Mom, Xinang is different from Yuzhen. Xinang is a man destined for great success, who is going to inherit the Lu Family’s property in the future. But Yuzhen is… sick. Now, his insomnia has gotten even more serious, hasn’t it? He’s mentally sick and his illness will just get more serious over time. By that time it happens, that second personality of his, who is cruel, violent and blood-thirsty will take over him completely. He will become extremely dangerous. So Mom, you have to stay away from him!”
  • With her face remaining expressionless, Madam Lu chuckled. “Well, it turns out that all of you knew about that. I thought you didn’t know.”
  • Lu Feifei rose from the sofa immediately. “Mom, what’s that supposed to mean?”
  • The originally warm and harmonious atmosphere in the living room became tense all of a sudden. Mrs. Wu, who was about to serve them some fruits, stopped in her tracks out of fear.
  • Mr. Fu took the plate of fruits from Mrs. Wu before giving her a look, signaling her to leave.
  • Madam Lu raised her head to look at Lu Feifei. “Why should I go back to Beijing? I see all of you have a good life over there. Yuzhen’s father is a successful and well-known business tycoon. You, Yuzhen’s aunt, are the Dean of the most prestigious medical academy, the Holy Dawn Academy. You’re right about his younger brother, Xinang, being a man destined for great success in his life, for he had become the youngest academic fellow in Beijing when he was just twenty years old. But, what did all of you do to help Yuzhen when you guys know he is sick? Yuzhen’s father is just an irresponsible man who doesn’t even carry out his duties as a father. You, his aunt, as a teacher who educates others, have you ever personally taught Yuzhen anything before? And Xinang, who engages in the medical profession, who saved countless lives and treated injured patients, has he ever thought of saving his own brother first? You see, I don’t need you guys to do anything for Yuzhen, but don’t keep saying that he is sick and dangerous every time you come here! Why do you guys have to keep badmouthing him even though he was already abandoned by you? Isn’t he part of your family too? Do you guys want to send him back to the mental asylum again?”
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