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Chapter 156 She’s Gone

  • “If you don’t like her, then why did you care for her for so many years? The whole of Beijing knew you spoiled her like crazy!”
  • Gu Longfan looked at his mother and he raised his eyebrow before lowering his voice as he said, “The best way to destroy a person is to throw her high up into the sky and then let her come smashing to the ground, is it not? I spent so many years and poured so much effort so she would fall in love with me. When she gave herself to me on her coming-of-age ceremony during her 18th birthday, I told her that she was nothing, and I love someone else. Are you still not satisfied by that, mother?”
  • Madam Gu was of course satisfied at that explanation, and she was delighted to see Ye Yuan move out of the Gu residence and left Haicheng City by herself two years ago.
  • It had been two years since she left.
  • However, Madam Gu was disgruntled about the fact that Ye Yuan did the deed with her son, and that disgusted her.
  • Her husband loved Sun Yi deeply, and he threatened to divorce Madam Gu when Sun Yi was alive. After Sun Yi had passed away, he never had any skinship with Madam Gu, turning her into a widow whose husband was still alive. Now that her son slept with Ye Yuan—Sun Yi’s daughter—she further despised such messed up relationships.
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