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Chapter 154 Done? That’s Fast

  • Ye Yuan raised her leg and kicked Gu Longfan.
  • Gu Longfan fell on his back onto the bed. His slender back was leaning against the other side of the bed while one of his legs were bent. His wrist—which had an expensive watch on it—was lying on his knee; the whole image of him exuded an indescribable sense of wasted sexiness.
  • Ye Yuan quickly got down from the bed and wore the black pants herself. However, she looked funny right now, as if she was a child who stole an adult’s shirt, since the trouser legs were so long that they dragged along the ground and the waist was so wide that it could fit in two of her.
  • “You’re not exactly young anymore, and even if you’re going to waste your whole life on Xia Keke, you don’t have to deprave yourself by staying with one woman. You can just get another pretty woman, and that will douse your unreasonable cravings,” Ye Yuan said.
  • Gu Longfan looked at her beautiful side profile and he chuckled. “Since you know I love pretty ladies, do you think I can get someone prettier than you?”
  • Ye Yuan smiled. “Don’t get any ideas about me. I want to be the woman you will never get.”
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