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Chapter 1135 I Just Don’t Want You to Leave

  • He ran a temperature; his head felt dizzy and uncomfortable. Lu Yuzhen was not someone who easily fell under the weather, but whenever he became ill, he would be extremely weak. Now, he only wanted to hug Xia Micheng so that she would not leave him. Worried about his body, Xia Micheng said, “Lu Yuzhen, let go of me first!” However, she had underestimated his strength. Even if he was seriously injured, she still couldn't get away from him.
  • Lu Yuzhen hugged her tightly as his thin pale lips lingered on her face. The rain continued to fall heavily, drenching them thoroughly. Lu Yuzhen was also clingy when he was sick. “Cheng, listen to me. Don’t go, okay?”
  • “Lu Yuzhen, your wound is inflamed and now you’re in the rain. Don’t you care about your body anymore?”
  • Lu Yuzhen held her smooth shoulders and turned her around. Then, he held her slender face with his big palms as he repeated as if being possessed, “Xia Micheng, I just don't want you to go.” Then, he lowered his head and kissed her red lips.
  • Xia Micheng's pupils constricted. Of all times, how could he still be thinking about kissing? “Lu Yuzhen, let go of me!” She pushed him away forcefully.
  • Her movements tore the wounds on his back; Lu Yuzhen’s firm body wavered and fell to the ground, half-kneeling in the rain with a thud. As he placed his big palm on the ground to support himself, small drops of water rolled down his exquisite facial features, but his eyes were cold. He narrowed his handsome eyes and swallowed. After a few seconds, he gently curled the corner of his lips and his profound eyes turned red. He slowly said, “Cheng, if you dare to leave, I will surely exterminate everyone in the Ancient Lanlou Kingdom and make you pay a tragic price in the future.”
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