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Chapter 1108 Open Your Mouth; I’ll Feed You!

  • Xia Micheng hoped that Lu Yuzhen would not follow them there. In fact, she wished to get rid of this man, who kept lingering around like a ghost!
  • At that moment, Lu Yuzhen nodded. “Since I have some free time today, I’ll tag along to have a look. King Jiuling, Princess Lanlou, you two don’t mind, right?”
  • I do mind! I really do mind!
  • “Of course we don’t.”
  • Upon hearing Shangguan Xu beside her said that, Xia Micheng was speechless.
  • Lu Yuzhen’s narrow eyes fell on Xia Micheng’s face, which instantly turned bitter. “Princess Lanlou, you seem to not welcome me.”
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