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Chapter 1092 You’re Hurting Me

  • As the manly hands squeezed her shoulders, Lin Hurou frowned and whined softly, “Ouch - ouch! Lightly please, my Little Darling!”
  • Li Zhanming had never given any woman a massage—in fact, he had never given anyone a massage—so he had accidentally squeezed her too hard. Now at her behest he continued on a little more gently.
  • Now Lin Hurou felt very pleasurable. “Yes, just like that; that feels good,” she sighed, “Here you go, my Little Darling.” Her hand reached behind her and stuffed a wad of money at Li Zhanming.
  • Li Zhanming lowered his eyes and looked at the money. Lin Hurou is quite generous.
  • Under his hands, her skin was silky smooth and delicate like jade. Li Zhanming tried to focus on something else, but for a moment his Adam’s apple rolled up and down.
  • “Is this all you’re giving me?” Li Zhanming asked with curled lips.
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