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Chapter 1037 Don’t Leave Tonight

  • Lu Yuzhen is not answering my call on purpose!
  • Xia Micheng started panicking. She had just started Lu Chikai on oral-motor exercises, and she was halfway in her acupuncture treatment. Both required a course of treatment, and they shouldn’t be disrupted. Hence, she was anxious and worried now that Lu Chikai had disappeared all of a sudden.
  • Xia Micheng searched for Chong Wen’s phone number in a hurry to phone him.
  • This time, the phone call connected, and Chong Wen answered. “Hello, Miss Xia.”
  • “Where is your Young Master? Get him to answer the phone. Where did he take Kai? Tell him to confront me if there are any issues at all. Don’t scare the child—”
  • “Miss Xia, if you truly want the best for Little Young Master, you should seriously reconsider what Young Master told you last night.”
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