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Chapter 1009 Search Xia Micheng’s Body

  • “Miss Xia, to me, the one-love Ring is an invaluable treasure. If you return it to me, you and your friend can leave now.” Lu Yuzhen took a sip of the wine gracefully.
  • Xia Micheng raised her clear eyes to look at him. “It’s not on me right now.”
  • Lu Yuzhen froze. He had once told her that no matter what happened, she was not allowed to take it down.
  • It seemed that he was the one who invested a lot more emotions in this relationship after all.
  • Lu Yuzhen raised his head. His profound eyes were as cold as ice, and he curled his thin lips playfully. The way he looked at her was quite fear-inducing. Xia Micheng looked like a little rat he had caught, but he was in no hurry to eat her. Instead, he wanted to torture her slowly to her death.
  • “Come here.” These two simple words escaped through his thin lips, and he sounded even more domineering than before.
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