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Chapter 997 Ximen Chang Shows Up

  • With that obsession in mind, Ximen Chang once again visited the estate. He was more adamant this time. Unwilling to waste any more of his time, he was determined to elicit the information of the person who auctioned the Holy Chestnut from Ran Yi and He Zhonglin by today, or else he would kill both of them.
  • Ximen Chang’s arrival was within Ran Yi’s expectation. He greeted him reverently, “Mr. Ximen, it’s a pleasure to have you here. How are you?”
  • Ximen Chang ignored the customary greetings and cut to the chase. “I’m here to ask about the Holy Chestnut possessor. If I don’t get any useful information from you today, you won’t live until tomorrow.”
  • He then turned to face He Zhonglin before the latter could say anything. “I’ve weighed all consequences the moment I decided to come today. There is no use of you threatening me. I won’t leave until I get what I want.”
  • He Zhonglin understood it was impossible to deter the resolute Ximen Chang. He also knew he couldn’t afford to offend him because the Ximen family was far more influential than the He family in Imperial Court.
  • If Ximen Chang were to wipe out the He family, the Emperor would only express his disapproval at most. It would be meaningless even if the Emperor punished the Ximen family because he couldn’t possibly bring the dead back to life.
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