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Chapter 617 A Mere Insect

  • Han Xiuyuan shook in anger. No one had managed to infuriate him like that in years.
  • The death of Han Li and Han Jia aside, what upset him the most was how Han Li was made to beg by Han Jingru.
  • How could the U.S. Han family be brought low by that bastard from Yan City?
  • This indignity was what Han Xiuyuan refused to stomach.
  • When he drove Han Xiuzhi from the U.S during his heydays, he proudly rode the waves and believed that he was the only one who could lead the Hans back to glory.
  • All this time, Han Xiuyuan thought that was Han Xiuzhi a useless weakling and despised him and Yan City’s Han family.
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