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Chapter 1033 Reasons

  • Her final decision came as no surprise to Han Jingru as he knew no one could resist the temptation of the Holy Chestnut, even if she was the master of the Piaomiao Sect.
  • “Why are you suddenly going to the Dragon Emperor Palace, Master?” Huang Xiaoyong asked curiously after leaving Zhantai Liuyue’s quarters.
  • “To do something really important.”
  • Han Jingru didn’t want to go there at first but decided after a whole night of thinking that the trip was indeed necessary.
  • Given how powerful the Ruby-eyed Python is, normal familiars wouldnt even be able to hurt it at all! Therefore, its highly likely that the Qilin has been awakened in the Dark Forest, and we will have to face it eventually. Rather than just sitting around, its better to gather more information so I can formulate a better strategy to combat it!
  • Meanwhile, Yan Qinghua was shocked when Zhantai Liuyue told her about Han Jingru’s plans on going to the Dragon Emperor Palace.
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