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Chapter 108 Super Cute  

  • “Grandpa, how can someone so great get married into the Su family? Not only that, the entire city was degrading him.” Tian Shuirou asked in puzzlement.
  • Tian Jingle couldn’t make any guest at all. However, he was confident that Han Jingru wasn’t an ordinary person.
  • He had such a strong capability yet he was willing to hide himself in the Su family. He must be up to something.
  • “He isn’t a simple person. And I am afraid the Yun city might have a storm coming.” Tian Jingle knew that he had completely made a wrong judgement about Han Jingru. He wasn’t arrogant at all and he kept himself like a sharpest blade in sheath. The attitude he showed earlier was because he simply felt natural that he could do it. Tian Jingle was the person that misunderstood him as arrogant.
  • There must be a reason for a man to conceal himself.
  • But what does he want?
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