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Chapter 234 A Different Qi Pingying

  • Six o'clock the next day, Han Jingru woke up and Su Yimo was still sleeping in her room. Unless it was a thunderstorm, or Su Yimo would never stop her morning jog. It seemed that they had been talking overnight. Han Jingru decided to let them rest a little longer and he went out alone.
  • The morning in Genting definitely had the best and freshest air in the entire Yun city. However, most of the residents here were wealthy and they had their own gym. Aside from Han Jingru and Su Yimo, they hardly see any other joggers.
  • However, that day Han Jingru met a pair of old and young people in the mountaintop.
  • When Han Jingru saw the two, he didn't know how to react. Because they didn't live in this place at all. But if they were to appear in this time and place, their objective was just too obvious.
  • "Grandpa, Han Jingru came!" Tian Shuirou noticed the person with the corner of her eyes. She didn't dare to turn over but continued to play her Taichi moves and whispered to Tian Jingle.
  • Tian Jingle put up his thick face and said, "Keep up the moves with your grandpa. Just pretend you didn't see anything."
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