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Chapter 298 Countdown To Death

  • After Ling Heng walked towards Lu Shun, Lu Shun yelled to his underlings in panic, asking them to stop Ling Heng. But with number 12 present, they were powerless.
  • "You are quite the cruel one. For a young man to be able to do something like you, it seemed that your family had truly spoiled you. Today I shall let you know how it feels to have things you do done on you." Ling Heng said coldly.
  • "You... What do you want to do!?" Lu Shun asked fearfully.
  • "Since you came up with a method to torture people, have you never thought of trying it yourself?" Ling Heng said coldly.
  • "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No, please don't do that!" Lu Shun knelt and begged for forgiveness. The man kept banging his head on the floor.
  • "I do not have any toothpicks but I can only use another method. But I bet it feels about the same." Ling Heng grabbed Lu Shun by the hair and dragged him to the coffee table.
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