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Chapter 261 Puppet

  • Jiang Fu's words were like a war declaration and it struck fear into the crowd around.
  • As the man said that, he showed his determination that he would not let Su Yimo go.
  • If they would compare the two sides, Su Yimo had almost 0 chance to win.
  • The Su family was merely a second tier company, but the Jiang company was directly below the Tian family. That was not inclusive of the rest of the extraordinary men in his group. If they were to gather up together, no one aside from the Tian family could go against them.
  • In the lot of people's opinion, the Su company was destined to fall. How could it have survived under the attack of Jiang Fu and his group?
  • A lot of people felt that Su Yimo had made a wrong decision. It was nothing but foolishness to give up on the entire company because of a trash.
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