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Chapter 192 Shameless

  • When Jiang Wan saw the shopkeepers started packing right away, her only hope was that Han Jingru didn’t have the money to pay. Therefore, she was just cursing in her heart. But the moment Han Jingru swiped his card and the transaction went through, Jiang Wan was completely devastated.
  • She fell to the floor with a pale face. Even her eyes were lifeless. The woman came to show off today. However, she was the one that made herself a clown and completely embarrassed herself.
  • Liu Zhijie simply got her a bag worth thirty thousand. But Han Jingru bought the entire shop for Su Yimo. Jiang Wan knew the vast difference between them.
  • The woman hoped that Liu Zhijie could do the same for her as well. However, she knew that Liu Zhijie didn’t have the ability to do that.
  • “Su Yimo, now that you become some kind of a manager and you started bullying your cousin!?” Shu Fang gritted her teeth hatefully and rebuked Su Yimo.
  • “Acting so cocky just because you have money? Why not you just buy the entire mall now? Your cousin was just fooling with you but you push it too far!” Jiang Bo roared furiously.
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