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Chapter 923 Pretend To Like Him

  • It was late at night.
  • Chen Tiexin was tossing and turning in his bed without even the nerve to close his eyes. He was afraid that once he did so, he would never have a chance to open them again.
  • It was indeed an unbearable experience for Chen Tiexin, knowing that he had insulted such a powerful fighter as Han Jingru whose actual prowess remained unknown.
  • His previous masterpiece—kicking Han Jingru out of the Chen residence and making him ridiculed by a crowd of onlookers had now turned into his worst nightmare. When he thought of this, he broke into cold sweat uncontrollably. It felt like life was slipping past him.
  • Furthermore, he had even gone to Han Jingru’s house, breaking open his door and tried to kill him.
  • Thinking of all these sent a chill down Chen Tiexin’s spine. He was regretting in trepidation.
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