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Chapter 305 Love Nest

  • Han Jingru was clear with the reason behind Jiang Yan's care. The woman would definitely mouth off again about this incident to make herself proud. However, with Jiang Yan's personality, bad things would happen if she were to get too high-profile. Therefore, Han Jingru felt a strong need to remind her.
  • “Mom, I know that you are very sensitive on your reputation. However, you must make sure not to be too high-profile. Otherwise, you might cause trouble.” Han Jingru explained slowly.
  • When Jiang Yan heard that, the wide grin on her face flattened and her face turned into a cold malice. How could she let Han Jingru point fingers at her actions?
  • “Han Jingru, don't you dare to think that you can point fingers at me now. Don't you worry, I haven't been saying anything. Even if I did, I was talking about my own daughter. It has nothing to do with you.” Jiang Yan said with a cold expression.
  • That was exactly what Han Jingru was worried about. He knew that Jiang Yan would not be bluffing using his name. After all, he was a famous trash in Yun city. Nobody would believe anything good she said about him.
  • “I know; therefore I am asking you to be low-profile. A lot of people are waiting for a chance to strike Yimo. The more you bluff, the more they can't wait for her to get into trouble.” Han Jingru continued.
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