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Chapter 103 Lick My Shoe

  • All in all, the Su family still needed to pay around two hundred thousand. Jiang Yan just couldn’t accept it. The mother simply decided to ignore Han Jingru. She hatched a plan to find Su Yimo and make Han Jingru pay everything. That sounded perfect.
  • However, that made Jiang Yan thought of another possibility.
  • The management fees were just so burdening yet Han Jingru went ahead and bought the mansion. How rich was he?
  • Now that the mansion was transferred to Su Yimo, Jiang Yan had her eyes on Han Jingru’s personal account. Now the mother planned to make Su Yimo get all of Han Jingru’s personal saving.
  • “Your mother in law is so much worse than those evil stepmothers in the movies.” Ho Ting looked at Han Jingru and said speechlessly.
  • Han Jingru planned to cook that night for Su Yimo. When he heard Ho Ting saying that, he laughed helplessly as well.
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