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Chapter 373 Han Group's Plan

  • Mi Xiaoxing was both upset and helpless with the behavior of Yang Meng because she thought the girl did not know the true colors of Han Jingru. To make matter worse, she even held hope in him.
  • Cowardly losers like Han Jingru might not even have the courage to go to urban village, what more going to their rescue?
  • “Ms. Xiaoxing, are you sure that Han Jingru will not come?” Yang Meng asked. She was very scared and could only place all her hopes on Han Jingru as he was the only person she contacted. If what Mi Xiaoxing said was true, she would be devastated.
  • Tang Gou did not look like a gentleman and he was very direct in his demeanor. Yang Meng did not want to fall into the hands of such person.
  • “You may rather pray hard to God for a miracle than to expect Han Jingru to come to our rescue.” Mi Xiaoxing said in disdain. After two previous occasions, Mi Xiaoxing thought that she had known Han Jingru well enough. He would definitely not turn up.
  • “Why?” Yang Meng asked while feeling puzzled.
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