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Chapter 753 The End Of An Era

  • Chen Bao had disappeared for many years, meaning that he was not known widely. However, those around Wang Xin’s age were highly unlikely to have forgotten him.
  • Hence, when he showed up, Wang Xin and a few others immediately recognized the founder of the Martial Arts Association.
  • “It’s Chen Bao. He’s back!”
  • “I never thought that I’d be able to see this legend again in my lifetime. Rumor has it that he has disappeared for many years, to pursue an ideal world of martial arts. Why is he back here now?”
  • The so-called ideal world of martial arts was truthfully Apocalypse. Chen Bao had been pursuing the Apocalypse for so many years, with a strong desire to meet other powerful masters.
  • “He’s here too? This is getting interesting.” Mr. Yi’s mouth quirked up. Han Jingru treats the entire martial arts field as if it is his stepping stone in pushing the Han family back to its pinnacle in Yan City. The return of Chen Bao might just help him, in completing his plan perfectly.
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