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Chapter 774 Change

  • For people to believe in Han Jingru’s abilities, words would be useless; they had to see it with their own eyes.
  • Phoenix did not have any high hopes in the beginning, but things were different now. In fact, she was starting to look forward to it.
  • Right now, everyone in Apocalypse looked down on him, waiting for him to humiliate himself. Those from Three Halls even found Mr. Yi’s actions to be extremely stupid as they were looking forward to seeing him shoot himself in the foot.
  • If Han Jingru were truly able to prove himself, he would be bringing glory to himself as well as to all the Four Gates.
  • Under such circumstances, it would not matter if Lin Tong were to switch sides because Han Jingru would not merely replace him; rather, he would likely be stronger than him too!
  • “Gatekeeper, what’s wrong?”
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