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Chapter 222 Mistake

  • Qiu Mu was grabbing her palms in excitement. Now that Ning Yu had gotten into a personal feud with Han Jingru, she was just elated. She wanted to let that driver know what awaits him after he offended her.
  • "How dare you even hit Ning Yu? Don't you know his identity?" Qiu Mu stirred it further. She ran towards Ning Yu and pretended to be caring.
  • Ning Yu had completely lost his rationality and he was filled by rage. The man just wanted to kill Han Jingru on the spot.
  • The security guards had unexpected Han Jingru to raise his hand towards Ning Yu. Although the Ning family was the opponent of Lu Hongguang, but if Ning Yu were to get injured in Lufeng hotel, how were they supposed to answer to Ning Xingpeng?
  • The few security guards charged forward and wanted to subdue Han Jingru. However, there was a stern voice from behind the crowd.
  • "What are you guys doing!?" Lu Hongguang entered in the most appropriate timing. Ning Yu offended Han Jingru and no one else were involved.
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