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Chapter 128 I Will Not Lose

  • The next day, they built a mourning hall for the grandmother in the Su mansion. When the friends and business partners heard the news, they came to the mansion and paid their respect.
  • Although after the Su family took up the West side project and cut of all the business relationship, the old relationship still there so there were a lot of visitors that dropped by.
  • Su Ruijin had performed spectacularly in front of the guests just like yesterday. His eyes were completely red and swollen and he seemed to be extremely sorrowful. When others asked about the grandmother’s death cause, he simply said that it was triggered by her old sickness.
  • Although the outsiders felt that it was quite sudden, the old Madam was of great age already so it was just normal for someone like her to have this kind of accidental death. Moreover, it was the Su family’s matter and the outsiders didn’t pry much.
  • Han Jingru stood outside the mansion with a black suit. He didn’t even have the right to join them in the mourning clothes. Now that Su Ruijin became the owner of the mansion, he didn’t even let him in.
  • Since Han Jingru was bored, he simply watched Su Ruijin’s performance.
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