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Chapter 148 Weak

  • Saw that Han Yu was kneeling and banging his head on the floor with his face full of snivel and tears, he just couldn’t understand. How could the brothers from the same womb have so much difference?
  • Han Yu didn’t look like a man at all. And he was the epitome of trash. He couldn’t care less about his pride and he simply begged like a dog.
  • As for Han Jingru, although the entire Yun city treated him like a trash, the way he carried himself was completely opposite. Those people that said he is a trash was simply ignorant.
  • The difference between the two brothers were as far as Heaven from Earth.
  • Molan scoffed in deride, “Can’t you just behaved like a man?”
  • Han Yu didn’t care if he was treated like a man or not. If he could survive this, he would be able to exact his revenge after today. A temporary humiliation means nothing!
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