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Chapter 877 Thorough Analysis

  • “You’re in no position to talk!” Chen Yanran shouted coldly.
  • She knew how terrible her brother felt about Huang Xiaoyong’s ascension, so Han Jingru’s taunts were like salt on his wound.
  • “I thought your brother was gonna avenge you, but it seems he doesn’t have the guts to. Oh, well... Forget I said anything, then.” Han Jingru shrugged.
  • Chen Tiexin turned around and grabbed him by the neck. “I’ll kill you!” He shouted with bloodshot eyes, but Han Jingru was completely unfazed.
  • Even Huang Xiaoyong wouldnt dare kill in public, let alone Chen Tiexin! Besides, if he were to really try and kill me, itll just give me a legitimate excuse to finish him off sooner!
  • Despite not being at his full strength due to the Ruby-eyed Python’s venom, Han Jingru was still capable of taking out a weak Second Stage cultivator like Chen Tiexin.
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