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Chapter 1191 Get To The Bottom Of Things

  • Qi Bingying had absolute faith in Han Jingru’s words. Back then in the Mo family, the three of them wouldn’t have been able to get away safely if he hadn’t stepped in.
  • However, in Qi Donglin’s eyes, no matter how powerful Han Jingru was, he was only a kid. Last time, he managed to gain the upper hand, because Mo Yanshang had his guard down. But now, the latter probably has a secret plan up his sleeve. If I bring my wife and daughter along, itll do them no good if the situation turns nasty.
  • “Listen to me, Bingying. Wait for me at home, I’ll be back soon,” Qi Donglin said.
  • Han Jingru smiled nonchalantly. It looks like Qi Donglin doesnt trust me. But thats understandable since it involves the safety of his wife and daughter. As a husband and a father, its only fair that he feels concerned. But the trust in Qi Bingyings gaze surprises me. She doesnt seem the slightest bit worried about going to the Mo residence.
  • “Bingying, stay at home and keep me company,” Ouyang Fei advised.
  • Qi Bingying shook her head and said adamantly, “I want to be there.”
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