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Chapter 1045 Raised By A Familiar

  • There was a knock on the door. Before Han Jingru could jump out of his seat and open the door, Fei Lingsheng had pushed it open by herself and stepped into the room.
  • “You really treat this place as your own house, don’t you?” Han Jingru observed calmly.
  • Fei Lingsheng looked at him as though he had suddenly grown two heads. “It is my own house. Do I have to be so uptight around here?”
  • “Aren’t you afraid that you might see me naked one day if you keep barging into my room like this?” Han Jingru asked helplessly.
  • “I’ve already seen you naked before. What’s there to be afraid of?” Fei Lingsheng replied, looking extremely nonplussed.
  • If another woman had said these words, Han Jingru wouldn’t have batted an eye at all. However, he found it preposterous that it was Fei Lingsheng who had said them. In Xenos, only girls who had been born in the brothels dared to be so bold with their words—most of the other women, especially female fighters like her, were conservative to the point of being labeled as prudes.
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