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Chapter 913 Chen Yanran Is Afraid

  • Meanwhile, in Longyun City.
  • Chen Yuanhai was in the study when Chen Tiexin strode in. The latter’s erratic breathing showed how unsettled he was.
  • “You called, Dad?” he asked as he walked toward Chen Yuanhai.
  • Chen Yuanhai turned and gazed at his brilliant son. The latter had spent years going through all sorts of trials and tribulations just to become stronger, only for his efforts to be in vain. On the other hand, a piece of trash like Huang Xiaoyong now had a master. Even Chen Yuanhai couldn’t help but feel this was unfair to Chen Tiexin.
  • How could God be so blind? My son who has worked hard all his life gets nothing, but a mere scum gets an opportunity he doesnt deserve!
  • “Have you heard about what happened in Xiaoling City?” he asked.
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