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Chapter 425 A Conspiracy

  • Yang Meng did not think Han Jingru was scheming anything but she knew better than to argue with Mi Xiaoxing. It was very difficult to change her mind once she had decided on something. Furthermore, she had never liked Han Jingru. If she spoke up on Han Jingru's behalf, Mi Xiaoxing would surely be mad at her.
  • “Xiaoxing, let's think about what we should have for dinner. Their matters do not concern us.”
  • Mi Xiaoxing nodded her head in agreement and replied, “We need to save on dinner. Who told you to give them such a nice fruit hamper?”
  • Yang Meng smiled brightly, “I had no choice to buy that because I could not find any other cheaper fruits. Don't worry, I will heed your advice next time.”
  • For the next 15 days, Han Jingru recuperated at home and returned to the hospital obediently for his reviews every few days.
  • He managed to walk on his own after 2 weeks past.
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