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Chapter 1051 Simulated Alpha Stage

  • Outside the room.
  • Detecting powerful shock waves coming from the room, Fei Lingsheng couldn’t hold her curiosity in anymore, and she wanted to break into the room. As much as she wanted to see what Han Jingru was doing, she was afraid she would irritate the latter by barging into the room without his permission.
  • Han Jingru must be increasing his power to beat Yi Qingshan.
  • He mustve eaten the Holy Chestnut. Fei Lingsheng grew anxious as time passed by. She had set her eyes on the Holy Chestnut and wanted it for her own ascension. If Han Jingru ate all the Holy Chestnuts to go up against Yi Qingshan, there goes my goal of ascending into the Alpha Stage.
  • “The shock waves are so strong. How much did you eat? Did you eat them all?” Fei Lingsheng murmured as she wore a worried look on her face. She wanted to break in so badly and snatch every Holy Chestnut from Han Jingru, but the energy waves were so dangerous, as if it was giving her a warning, so she didn’t dare to take action.
  • What if this enrages Han Jingru? Hell fight against me, and Ill only suffer major losses.
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