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Chapter 279 Your Beauty

  • After the first couple was done with their wedding shoot and walked past Han Jingru, the woman snickered, "Someone just like to act rich even though they don't have the money. Aren't they afraid to be made fun of?"
  • "Bro, how much do you spend for this replica? Where did you get it? It looks so fake. Look at the needle work, just from the first glance and I know that it is fake." The man laughed at Han Jingru.
  • "Since you know about this wedding gown, the one your wife is wearing should be rented from the same bridal shop, right? Why not you just go back and take a look to find out?" Han Jingru smiled.
  • "Of course I will do that. However, the one my wife is wearing isn't rented. We spent over a hundred thousand to buy it. It should be much expensive than a replica of yours, right?" The man snickered conceitedly.
  • Han Jingru shook his head in irk and he just couldn't be bothered to waste his time with a clown like that. Han Jingru couldn't even get the slightest interest to entertain him.
  • During the photo shoot, Han Jingru and Su Yimo were like a couple fervently in love. All of their gestures were filled with sweetness and that made Shu Tong simply envious. She had never thought about getting married at all. But after looking at Han Jingru and Su Yimo, the woman was inspired to get married. She wanted to wear a beautiful wedding gown as well and do this sweet task with her prince charming.
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