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Chapter 747 The Competition Begins

  • As the day of the martial arts championship approached, the discussion of Jiang Yingying’s participation in the Master Category became more and more heated. Almost the entire martial arts championship thought of the matter as a joke.
  • Issues of gender inequality were abundant here. To many practitioners of the martial arts, women were unrelated to martial arts. As such, for a woman to join the championship in the Master Category was the joke of the century. The entire incident was as if a woman had barged into a men’s bathhouse. Not only would she attract everyone’s questioning gazes, but she would also be mocked.
  • At the same time, an even more shocking piece of news stunned the martial arts world.
  • When Zhantian Martial Arts Academy announced Lei Heming’s participation in the Master Category, every participant in that category wailed. They knew about Lei Heming’s fighting prowess, and they felt hopeless upon finding out that he was their opponent.
  • There were even rumors of some planning to quit the Master Category competition as they did not want to be up against Lei Heming.
  • It was obvious that Lei Heming was terrifying. Before the competition even started, people were already in a hurry to admit defeat.
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