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Chapter 782 Understand Him

  • Not a single current Platinum rank fighter could have such a strong physical fitness, which was why the assistant found the news hard to believe. In his opinion, this was beyond the tolerance of a mortal body.
  • It baffled Mr. Yi as well. He found no explanation for this kind of strong body, nor was it within the scope of his understanding. Yet, it convinced him even more that only Han Jingru might be able to solve the crisis.
  • He believed that Han Jingru was the only one who deserved to be called Messiah.
  • “As I said, he’s Messiah and has a strong physical fitness. This allows him to have an upper hand when dealing with the creatures of the second world. This is a good thing for Apocalypse and even the entire world,” said Mr. Yi.
  • His assistant nodded his head. According to Apocalypse Bible, the creatures of the second world were very powerful in terms of physique. This was also the reason why so many Platinum rank fighters died back then. If the Platinum rank fighters at the time could have a strong physique like Han Jingru did, the battle would not have been so tragic.
  • “Mr. Yi, I’m increasingly convinced by what you said,” said the assistant.
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