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Chapter 523 Escaping The Torture

  • “Wenlun, I beg you. Let's reinstate our marriage! I want to go back to the Su Family. I know that I was wrong in the past and I will definitely change. Please give me a chance to redeem myself, ok?” Jiang Yan cried hysterically as she said to Su Wenlun.
  • Because of Jiang Yan's abuse, Su Wenlun hated Jiang Yan to his bones. He never felt the dignity of a man since he married her, and he still remembered everything that happened. It took a lot to get rid of that woman. How would Su Wenlun be willing to remarry Jiang Yan?
  • “Hmph,” Su Wenlun snorted coldly as he didn't pity her at all, “Are you dreaming? This is definitely not happening! Haven't I had enough humiliation already? Do you think I can still give you another chance?”
  • Jiang Yan wiped her tears and pleaded sincerely to gain his sympathy, “Are you really that cruel? We were once a married couple for a few decades. Don't you remember all the good times we had?”
  • There was a saying that went: There was definitely something to hate about someone who was pitiful. This could fit on Jiang Yan perfectly. In fact, Jiang Yan wasn't really pitiful, she just wanted to go back to the Su Family. Her ploy of remarrying Su Wenlun wasn't out of love, instead she wanted to regain everything she lost.
  • Fortunately, Su Wenlun didn't have the slightest interest in Jiang Yan. Instead, he felt disgusted at the thought that something might've happened last night when he slept with her.
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