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Chapter 1190 Warmth

  • Qi Bingying’s words got Han Jingru to shut up. He didn’t know how to answer that question because he only asked as a friend. He didn’t expect Qi Bingying to ask a question like that.
  • Han Jingru wasn’t repulsed by Qi Bingying or anything, but he knew that his wife would always be Su Yimo. He may have been reborn, in a sense, but that didn’t mean that any of those things would change. Moreover, Su Yimo was the reincarnation of someone who was inexplicably connected to him, and that was something Han Jingru could not neglect.
  • “I’ll hang up now if there’s nothing else you’d like to share,” said Han Jingru before he quickly disconnected the line. He didn’t dare to waste even a second on the call.
  • “What’s wrong?” asked Shi Yan, who happened to go to the balcony at that time. She saw how nervous Han Jingru looks, so she asked curiously. She rarely saw Han Jingru with that look on his face.
  • “I-it’s nothing,” lied Han Jingru as he pretended to be calm.
  • “Nothing?” said Shi Yan while looking suspiciously at Han Jingru. His expression revealed that he was clearly hiding something. How can there be nothing?
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