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Chapter 914 Chen Tiexin Breaks In

  • Han Jingru had initially gone to Xiaoling City just to take a look while also checking if Jiang Yingying was there. He had certainly learnt more about the place after visiting it, but Jiang Yingying was still nowhere to be found; instead, he now had another burden to deal with.
  • Still, the fact that he didn’t abandon Bailing Wan’er meant that there was a possibility he would take her as his disciple. The Bailing family’s secret storehouse was certainly responsible for this.
  • Bailing Wan’er also knew that she had a chance as long as Han Jingru didn’t leave her behind, so she wasn’t too concerned.
  • Upon nearing Longyun City, Han Jingru and Huang Xiaoyong decided to split up and enter the city separately. There was a high chance that people would find out who he was if he walked too closely with Huang Xiaoyong.
  • “This place is no match for Xiaoling City. Why would you choose to stay here?” Bailing Wan’er noticed how much more underdeveloped Longyun City was compared to Xiaoling City, so she couldn’t understand what made Han Jingru want to come.
  • In truth, Han Jingru didn’t want to stay here. This was merely the first city he had visited when he first arrived in Xenos. As for why he had chosen to stay here this time, it was because his foundation was here. Furthermore, Huang Xiaoyong could help Han Jingru do some things that the latter didn’t want to.
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