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Chapter 770 Challenge

  • Jiang Yingying’s match also ended smoothly with a single move. Both of them managed to impress everyone after merely one battle each. No one dared to look down on them anymore.
  • “Fang Zhan, how many more matches do I have?” Han Jingru asked Fang Zhan after the Qualifying Tournament.
  • The results of the tournament did not surprise Fang Zhan at the very least. He had experienced Han Jingru’s prowess first-hand after all and knew that earning a mere Bronze rank was nothing to him.
  • If it weren’t for Apocalypse’s rigid rules, Fang Zhan believed that Han Jingru could directly participate in the Qualifying Tournament for the Silver rank.
  • “None. You’re done for today,” Fang Zhan answered with a chuckle.
  • “That’s it?” Han Jingru’s face showed evident surprise. There were many participants in the Qualifying Tournament, so it would not have made sense for him to be matched with only one of them.
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