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Chapter 1126 Triumph Hotel

  • On the other side, Han Jingru was taking his own sweet time. He woke up around nine o’clock and took a shower. Today would be the day the business circle of the entire Yan City would get to know him. By right, it should mean a lot to him, but he was not paying much attention to it.
  • Even without the Chamber of Commerce banquet, everyone in Yan City would still get to know him eventually.
  • After he got changed into the customized suit that was prepared by Qin Fu, he stood in front of the mirror. He had an elegant demeanor of a gentleman. Although there was a trace of childishness on his face, his gaze gave way as he looked more mature than his peers.
  • “Nangong Shuxian, you will regret it from today onwards,” Han Jingru said to the mirror. Everything that he had done was to prove to Nangong Shuxian’s mistake. However, Han Jingru knew it wouldn’t be easy for her to change, as she was extremely stubborn.
  • There was only one person who could make her change in this world. The person was Han Xiuzhi.
  • At the moment, Han Xiuzhi was still in Terra Prison. At that time, Han Jingru had no time to take care of the matter.
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