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Chapter 172 A Dog

  • When Xie Jinyan received the call, he was having a drinking session with his business friends. Now that the Su family was showing promise to rise higher because of the West side project Xie Jinyan hoped that his family could rise to greater height as well. Hence, the man had been humbling himself to meet a lot of big names in the business industry recently. He had brought himself low and caring favor just for the sake of lifting his family higher.
  • The earlier incident of Xie Yufu offending Molan’s man almost ruined the Xie family. Fortunately, nothing happened and Xie Jinyan had made sure to ‘educate’ Xie Yufu properly. The father believed that his daughter has learnt her lesson.
  • However, the moment he received the call, his face turned paper pale.
  • Although Xie Yufu didn’t mention what happened, she asked him to hurry to Mojo nightclub. It was obvious that something had happened!
  • Not only that, Mojo nightclub was Molan’s turf. Did she offend Molan again?
  • “Xie, are you all right? Why is your face so pale suddenly?”
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